RIEX INDUSTRIES draws strength and perseverance through his policies and vision of proximity. This proximity explains why our 10,000 m2 sorting center , which opened in Dakar [Senegal], is administered by qualified Africans in the field. We have a perfect knowledge of the different cultures of the African countries and the actual trends and needs of resellers and their clients.

In West Africa in particular and the whole of Africa in general, many economic operators and traders in the area of second-hand clothes were ripped off, disappointed even declared bankruptcy because of some suppliers in bad faith in the West [ Europe, North America, Asia] because of the poor quality merchandise recipients after months of waiting freight and exorbitant costs for customs clearance.

A bitter fact is that when receiving balls of container that are often of poor quality. The worst is that it is impossible in most cases to qualify for a refund or reship the goods at origin .

However there are also geographic distance challenges and also time constraints for obtaining a visa in order to visit some suppliers claim or other things and besides not exorbitant cost of transfer of funds through banks [currency problem].

At RIEX INDUSTRIES, we are working to put a new way to bring quality thrift shopping to West Africa via our concept WELCOME AT HOME. WELCOME AT HOME says  that all of our customers, dealers, etc. will have the opportunity to witness from beginning to end, with the production of their orders in real time in our plants and at a lower cost, because we own dedicated accommodation and transportation is at your service throughout your stay in a word, we ensure all your expenses and related costs.

Any order from a container 40 HC to countries of the subregion [MALI – GUINEA – GAMBIA – NIGER – IVORY COAST – BURKINA FASO] is delivered free by our own trailer trucks that will ensure all logistics door-to-door with the experience of our professional drivers.


Our concept focuses on three visions are:

  • Re – Use

Our sorting to perfection through our 108 screening criteria under a quality control of specifications is to recover creams (new clothes or high-quality brands, for a limited clientele and then the making of bullets different items:






– FOOTWEAR, ETC., quality 1 choice

Our sorting requirement dictates that we remove the so-called intermediate quality clothing, that is to say the clothes that have no defects in material and color, but who are not eligible for the category of first choice and which are not more waste, are conditioned by bullets as 2nd choice quality label and this applies to all items.

  • Re – Employment

Non intermediate clothing (ie with spots or little damaged), are turned into cleaning cloth for industrial customers. We thus give them a second life.

  • Recycling

Finally, heavy winter clothes and some damaged are processed through our system shredding and fraying for the manufacture of thermal insulation and also raw materials for automotive industries and paper mill.